Thursday, October 13, 2011

1953 Julius Caesar live blog #2

Well, Marlon Brando certainly looks the part. He looks just like a statue from the Roman Empire. I still hear a little bit of that dockworker voice in him.

And, how cool that James Mason is in this movie. I think I've only seen him in North by Northwest. But from what I know of him, he always seems like a very slick, mysterious man. He has sort of a Vincent Price quality about him.

Did you see that when Julius Caesar leaves behind the blind soothsayer in the crowd, and the soothsayer touches Brutus to try and recognize him...after he touches his face, he shudders in shock? That seems like some major foreshadowing to me. I'm guessing that the soothsayer "saw" Brutus in a vision, instantly recognized him, and knew he was trouble.

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