Thursday, October 13, 2011

Out of Order

So, I'm doing things a little out of the order I had in mind.

Here it is, the night before I'm supposed to read Julius Caesar and watch a movie version, and I've done neither. : / I went to the LRC to check out a movie so I would be ready to watch it sometime tomorrow, and I would read the play tonight. However, the gal at the LRC desk told me this was only a four-hour checkout! I guess I could have waited until tomorrow to check it out, but I just felt like getting it done.

So, I'm watching the movie before I read the play. Which isn't really what I had planned on. And I hope it doesn't compromise the experience of reading the play to watch the movie first. (Sorry, Averill and Professor Burton!)

But, in a way, maybe be a good preparation for reading the play. Watching Shakespeare is always easier than reading it. Maybe when I get to a passage that is difficult to understand, it won't be difficult to understand because I will have already seen it.

Something else I'm going to do is "live blog" the movie. Usually when I watch a movie, I like to sit silently and not get up to get popcorn or use the bathroom. So it might be hard to "talk" while I watch the movie. But I'll give it a try.

Anyway, here it is: the 1953 movie, Julius Caesar.

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