Thursday, October 13, 2011

1953 Julius Caesar live blog #3

So here's Cassius' first monologue. It was interesting what the director decided to do with this scene. Cassius is in a large, courtyard space, but the camera is zoomed in pretty close to him. And at one point, it seems as though Cassius is looking directly into the camera. But before you really notice, he starts across the courtyard and you're asking yourself, "Was he just looking at me?"

That, plus the soothsayer's sudden recoil earlier, show there is definitely some danger afoot.

Oh, and John Gielgud is really good. Really Gielgud, if you ask me. (Hyuk hyuk.)

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  1. Bah ha ha on the gielgud pun!

    There were alot of camera angles that added intensity. Like in the battle when there were a lot of wide shots of the many soldiers, then quick cuts to close up faces. It totally added to the feeling of angst the soldiers must have been experiencing.