Thursday, October 13, 2011

1953 Julius Caesar live blog #4

So when it comes to all the calamities and atrocities that occur under "this disturbed sky," the movie doesn't actually show any of them, other than the thunder and lightning. Rather, the movie relies on Casca's description of the events. Is that sort of like Act V Scene II of The Winter's Tale, when the apparent climax of the play is not seen but only described? Or did the movie just not have the budget or technology to produce all those special effects?

(And I thought I remembered "the ides of March" happening later in the play. Maybe my memory is correct, and what's happening right now isn't the ides of March. Or maybe Mankiewicz moved that part way up to the beginning of the movie. I guess I'll figure it out when I hit play again.)


  1. the ides of march was when caesar was killed. the soothsayer i believe was warning caesar. not brutus

  2. Yeah, it made more sense later on. I just thought I remembered "the ides of March" being more in the middle of the play. But now that I've read the play again, I realize the movie didn't change the sequence of events.